The "S" in ETLB-S means 'Standard'. 'Standard' represents a restructuring of our ETLB range


The "S" in ETLB-S means 'Standard'. 'Standard' represents a restructuring of our ETLB range. We want to make the structure of our complex ETLB product range clearer and easier to understand for our customers and the sales department. All available options can be selected for all product variants.
The restructuring of our product range is based on a consistent implementation of the modular principle without a reduction of the performance and diversity of options for the pump.
A well-rounded range of accessories improves the application options.
We implemented this optimisation to increase customer satisfaction and efficiency. Quotations can be submitted without delay.

What changes are we making?

We are focusing on delivery times:

  • The modular structure permits simple order Management
  • Reduction of production time through prefabricated modules, in-house shaft manufacturing and motor assembly

We are increasing our flexibility:

  • There are now 3 standard immersion depths for each pump series:
  • Immersion depth ETLB-S 15-60 to 40-160 in 275, 375 and 475 mm
  • Immersion depths ETLB-S 50-125 and 80-200 295, 395 and 495 mm
  • Mounting plates available in round or rectangular shape
  • As a standard, the rectangular plate has a groove for a sealing cord
  • The number of holes for the fastening bores was increased, permitting a more flexible assembly on site

We are improving our service:

  • Defined accessories for increased flexibility
  • Each pump has defined spare parts sets

This makes our ETLB-S a pump with excellent value for Money.

And if that's not enough:

Should adaptations beyond the range of our module series be required, we will help you find a customised solution, for instance:

  • Special clamping Systems
  • Customised mounting plates
  • Customised immersion depths
  • ...

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Do you have questions about our new pump range?

We are happy to assist you personally:

Tel.: +49 5733 799 0
Fax: +49 5733 799 5000

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ETLB-S: Quality, delivery time, flexibility

Why ETLB-S: The "S" in ETLB-S means 'Standard'. 'Standard' represents a restructuring of our ETLB range.

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