The ASV Stübbe ball valve is now available in two new designs for fine and linear dosing applications.


A special shaped, patented ball transforms a standard C200 into the proportional ball valve C200 PROP with linear flow characteristic.Because of a patented special ball the proportional control valve C200 PROP with linear curve is a result of the ball valve C200. With an integrated 90° scale bar the flow rates of the C200 PROP can be easily adjusted. The integrated scale enables reproducible values and if needed a traceable documentation of the settings. Typical applications of the C200 PROP are control tasks in solid-free media. Often diaphragm valves are used for such tasks, whose indicator is more difficult and inexact to read. A further advantage is the easy and cheaper setup of control system combined with a traditional electrical actuator. Compared with the diaphragm valves with electro–pneumatic positioner the C200 PROP achieves significant cost benefits.

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The C200 DOS has been developed for applications in aggressive solid-free media, in which a sensitive dosage or control is needed.

In order to achieve the required high resolution, the C200 DOS has got a dosing ball combined with a special housing geometry. Both characteristics enable a full opening of the valves using a 180° movement. Not only that the flow rate is strongly reduced, the flow rate can be accurately adjusted because of the doubled opening path.

The C200 DOS is produced in the nominal width DN15 – DN25. Larger nominal sizes have not been made, because the user has got sufficient alternatives with the C200 PROP.

As a member of the C200 series, the C200 PROP and the C200 DOS have got all the constructive benefits of the series. The focus will be on the large variant spectrum of connections and drives as well as the exclusive use of high quality and high resistant materials. Especially in the elastomer qualities a special value has been placed on a maximum chemical resistance with a full exclusion of lead additives (REACH).

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The latest from the C200 series: C200 PROP / C200 DOS are available now

The ASV Stübbe ball valve is now available in two new designs for fine and linear dosing applications.

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