ASV Stübbe is an international manufacturer of pumps, valves and instrumentation systems made of thermoplastics. Our products can be found in many demanding applications in environmental, surface treatment, chemical plant and metallurgy industries.

As a system supplier with over 50 years of industrial experience we deliver reliable solutions for the handling of aggressive and corrosive liquids and gases.



Product discontinuation: Ball valves C100, Profi101 and ProfiM

With reference to the announcement dated April 2014, we again would like to inform you about the discontinuation of all C100 and Profi ball valves by...

Product launch: ASV Stübbe introduces the new ball valve C 200 onto the market

ASV Stübbe combines years of experience with the newest technology know-how and expands its product portfolio with yet another innovative product,...

User report: Zimmermann Entsorgung is massively upgrading with ASV Stübbe products

“ASV's plastic system has proved to be very successful, even under our extreme conditions. As part of the modification of our physical treatment...